PhySical Education Tennis

SCJTL and SCTEF promote and support all aspects of school tennis thru the USTA Net Generation.

school tennis

USTA offers a big incentive to schools that want to incorporate tennis into their PE curriculum: through Net Generation. Schools can receive FREE equipment and easy-to follow lesson plans that make offering school tennis seamlessly designed for teachers and volunteers. The equipment starter kits include:
The kits include: 1 tennis rolling bag, 30 youth racquets, 45 tennis balls, net tape and chalk.
 If you think the elementary school in your district is a good candidate for Net Generation’s tennis equipment grant or would like learn more about how easy it is to bring tennis into your community’s school(s), please contact please contact Joe Arias and be sure to visit 

SCJTL/SCTEF School Tennis Initiative:

  1. Introducing juniors to tennis at elementary school ages.

  2. Participation and preparation for middle, junior high, and high school varsity tennis.

  3. Tournament tennis awareness, preparation and participation.

  4. Promote and prepare student players for the College tennis experience.

  5. Hold Coaches workshops and offer assistance to help tennis team coaches grow their school tennis team programs.

  6. Designated organizer for the Suffolk Boys Varsity Tennis Awards Dinner and Suffolk County Girls Varsity Tennis Awards Dinner

  7. SCJTL meets Physical Education Learning Standards Alternate Assessment Standard 3 requirements.

SCJTL/SCTEF School Tennis Support

  • Assistance maximizing benefits from the USTA Net Generation initiative.
  • Physical Education tennis units for grades k thru 12.
    Curriculum development and support.
    Staff training
    Equipment grants

  • Varsity Tennis
    Fund raising thru After-School Tennis Lesson programs.
    Team visits and training programs
    Tennis Team Coach training and support.

    Learn about the Suffolk County Tennis Coaches Association.

  • After-School community Tennis Lesson programs.
    Community tennis lesson programs
    Donations benefit varsity tennis teams

  • Summer community tennis programs.
    Summer Tennis League and training programs.
    Community Tennis Camps

    SCJTL and SCTEF are USTA Net Generation Community Providers.

SCJTL recommends the USTA Net Generation program to every school in Suffolk County!

This incredible program is designed to integrated tennis into a school or school district’s physical fitness program or enhances existing tennis courses.

The Suffolk County Junior Tennis League (SCJTL), Suffolk County Tennis and Education Foundation (SCTEF), and the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and have teamed up to bring the exciting world of tennis to Suffolk County schools.

The USTA School Tennis Program, considered the crown jewel of the many USTA community tennis programs, introduces your students to the lifetime sport of tennis.

As the Executive Director of the Suffolk County Junior Tennis League, USPTA Certified tennis professional in Suffolk County, and a Certified USTA School’s Clinician for many years, I know this program will help open the world of tennis and its many opportunities to all school districts. I am so excited about this program that I have volunteered my time to help make this program available to all of the schools in Suffolk County.

The USTA USA School Tennis Program includes:

  • Introductory assemblies by certified USTA Schools Clinicians designed to excite your students about learning and playing tennis.

  • Teacher training and course materials.

  • Follow up assemblies to introduce your new curriculum.

  • Consultation service to help grow the presence of tennis in your district through programs made available from the USTA, SCJTL and other community tennis associations and events in or near your school district.

  • Opportunity to receive free tennis racquets, nets and QuickStart Tennis balls for use with your tennis classes.

  • Encourage and assist school districts to apply for USTA Public Facility Funding grants. SCJTL has helped school districts file successful grant applications. 

All of this is available all schools as a USTA Net Generation School Tennis Provider.