Summer Tennis League ORANGE DIVISION

Summer Tennis League Orange Division

The Summer Tennis League Orange Division is for children ages 9 thru 10 beginner to intermediate Orange Ball experience levels. It is a great way for them to have fun with their friends while learning and improving their tennis skills.

2024 Summer Tennis League Limited time offer: Free age appropriate 10 and Under tennis racquet with registration! Click here for more info.

Registration is OPEN!


Grades 3-5

Monday & Wednesdays
6:30 to 8:00PM.

Starts July 15 thru August 14, 2024

Last minute registrations accepted.
Online registration only.
No walk-ups. 



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2024 Program Dates

7/15, 7/17, 7/22, 7/24, 7/29,
7/31, 8/5, 8/7, 8/12*, 8/14*


Program Locations


Program Fees

Full 5 Weeks: $210

Flexible registration for 4 weeks or less. You choose the dates.
2-days = 1-week. (No 1/2-weeks)

Fee Chart:

5 weeks = $210
4 weeks = $180
3 weeks = $150
2 weeks = $130
1 week= $75

Try-It-Out = $60*

Registration price is for entire time and includes:

  • One SCJTL Team Shirt included in registration.
  • One SCJTL program commemorative medal registered player.

*Try-It-Out might be available after program starts. Subject to SCJTL terms of Service. Does not include shirt/medal.

Registration continues throughout the program!


  • Last minute registrations are accepted.
    Register online and go your site ready to play.

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Please contact us at:
SCJTL Programs: 631-590-5019


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Ages 9 to 10, New to advanced Orange Ball experienced, 1-1/2 hour sessions, Mondays and Wednesdays, up to 5 weeks.

2024 Summer Tennis League
10UT Limited time offer:

Free age appropriate 10 and Under tennis racquet with registration!
Click here for details.

About the Orange Division:

  • 10UT Tennis Divisions • Orange Ball / 60ft Court Format
    Kids ages 9 thru 10 learn tennis using the USTA 10UT Format using tennis to scale courts, balls, games and scoring.

  • Players learn racquet and rally skills using interactive progressions to develop essential ABC's (agility, balance, coordination) skills.

  • Players learn basic tennis tactics by playing games including singles and doubles, learn rules and age specific scoring.

  • Activities are age and skill level specific.

    • Includes:

      • Tactical games

      • Singles and doubles.

      • Site Ladder matches

      • Site Team Matches.

      • Challenge Day Team Tournament Prep.

  • SCJTL site ladder match play standings posted weekly.

  • Site Coaches are trained to coach and guide players through their experience.

Orange Division Teams

Orange Team: New players 9-10 yo. - Orange Ball Ball / 60 ft. court

Advanced Orange Team: New players 9-10 yo. - Orange Ball Ball / 60 ft. court

Please note:
Players are grouped according to experience and skill level evaluated by Site Director.
Varying court sizes and balls may be used according to session teaching theme and objectives.
Friends can play in the same groups together, regardless of experience, managed by the Site Director!

Recreational Competition Activities Include:

  • Instruction: Racquet/ Rally Skills, Agility-Balance-Coordination, General Technique,
    Games: Tactical, Doubles, Singles.

  • Competition: Ladder Matches, Site Team Matches, Skills Standings

Registration Includes:

  • Team Shirt: 1 per registered player.
  • 2024 Summer Tennis League Limited time offer: Free age appropriate 10 and Under tennis racquet with registration! Click here for details.
  • 1 SCJTL program commemorative medal included with registration.
  • Program tennis balls provided..
  • Challenge Day Team Tournament Medals for players whose registration includes Challenge Week.

Players will need to provide:

    • Players will need to provide the following personal equipment:
        • To avoid accidental sharing, Players are required to have their full name clearly written on every item brought.
        • Age specific tennis racquet. *
          • Red (6-8yo): 21” to 23”
            May be purchased when registering and available for pick up at the Site for player's first day of program.

          *2024 10UT Racquet offer: Registration includes an age appropriate new tennis racquet. Racquet size based on age:

          • 5-6yo = 21"
          • 7-8yo = 23"
          • 9-10yo = 25"

          Tennis racquet will be added to registration at not charge. Player will be given racquet on first day of registration.
          Available while quantities last.
          Please note: If size no longer available, next size up will be provided.
          Only applies for tennis racquets up to 25".

        • Clothing
          • Shirts, shorts, sneakers (no sandals or flip flops) .
        • Personal
          • Water, sunscreen and anything personally required.
        • Bag, drawstring or regular backpack, with full name clearly written for easy identification.

        Click here to go the SCJTL Equipment Site.

    • Parent / assigned guardian for younger players may be requested expected to stay for full 1 1/2-hour session.
      Most parents can leave their players and pick up, on time, before the end of the session.
      Bathroom access not available at all sites.

Summer Tennis League Site Locations:

Please note: This is an outdoor program, subject to weather.
Click here to read SCJTL Weather Cancellation and Make-up policies.

SCJTL Orange Challenge Week!

Program culminating event for players whose registration includes Challenge Week (Wk#5).

Singles Challenge is a Singles Tournament event for Summer Tennis League Red Division players.

Team Challenge is a Team Tournament event for Summer Tennis League Red Division players. Players will experience team competition for Challenge medals and Challenge Site Cup points against all other SCJTL Summer Tennis League sites..

Everyone plays!
Challenge Competition medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
Players will receive their SCJTL program medal at the end of the Challenge and meet receive SCJTL program and Challenge Day medals are distributed after the games.
Players will also get to meet "Deuce", the mascot for the Suffolk County Tennis and Education Foundation

How to Register

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