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SCJTL Discover Tennis Program is a tennis program designed to provide the opportunity for new and beginner players to learn tennis by actually playing.
Developing racquet, rally, and play skills is an enjoyable way for children and youth of all ages to learn and develop their tennis skills in a fun and friendly setting.

Children in grades K through 6 learn tennis through fun activities based on the Tennis -To-Scale format.
Live-ball, play-based activities using tennis-to-scale tennis courts and balls provide holistic tennis experience for new and beginner players.

Important "match-play" skills learned. Ideal for players who are taking or have taken tennis lessons, but have not "played" with other kids their age.

Friends can learn and play together with friends.
Ladder matches, team matches using the new and exciting SCJTL Team Tennis Showdown format gives kids the chance to learn and improve tennis skills while having fun actually playing tennis!

Tennis instruction for grades 1 thru 6

  • Grades K thru 6 (Ages 5 - 12, (beginner 13yo welcomed)):
    Kids learn tennis fast and fun using Tennis-To-Scale format and progressions.
    • Racquet and Rally skills.
    • Red-Orange-Green (ROG) Ball balls and court sizes.
    • Game based fun activities.
    • Team match play - SCJTL Team Tennis Showdown!

Adults have a chance to Discover Tennis too!
Click here Adult LearnTennis Programs.

  • Locations
  • Minimum age of participation is 6 years old.
  • Discover-Tennis (12UT) Lesson program is modeled to conform to USTA ROGY (Red - Orange - Green Ball) levels.
    Each level is divided in to their own session to provide maximum time, courts and social distancing for level play and competition.
    SCJTL is one of the first 10UT programs in the US (first on L.I.) when launched in 2006!

Ages 5 to 8 - 36ft to 42ft (Serve Boxes)court - 21 to 23" racquet - New to advanced beginners.

Ages 9 to 10, - 60 ft court - 25" racquet - New to advanced Orange Ball experienced.

tennis kids green ball

Ages 10 to 12 (beginner 13yo welcomed), - 78ft court - 27" racquet - New to beginner Green Ball experienced.

Click here to learn more about 12UT Tennis.

  • Program designed by USTA National 10+Under Tennis Specialist, High Performance Coach and Specialist in Competitive Player Development with over 50 years of tennis playing and Coaching experience.
  • Instruction by experienced staff supervised by Certified Tennis Professional.
  • SCJTL supplies the tennis balls.

Players will need to provide:

  • Players will need to provide the following personal equipment:
    • To avoid accidental sharing, Players are required to have their full name clearly written on every item brought.
    • Age specific tennis racquet.
      • Red Division: 21" to 23
      • Orange Division: 25" to 26"
      • Green Division: 27" ( Full size)
    • Clothing
      • Shirts, shorts, sneakers (no sandals or flip flops)
    • Personal:
      • Water, sunscreen and anything personally required.
      • Players may bring their own sanitizer.
        Supply will be readily available and used directly on hand during check-in, check-out, and throughout the session.
    • Tennis bag, drawstring or regular backpack, with full name clearly written for easy identification.

Need a tennis racquet? Parent may also purchase junior and adult tennis racquets online and receive it on the first day of the program.  (Click here to visit the SCJTL Equipment Site)

Please note: Parent / assigned guardian for younger players may be requested expected to stay for full 1-hour session.
Most parents can leave their players and pick up, on time, before the end of the session.
Bathroom (port-a-potty) access for SCJTL program Members only available.

Suffolk County Tennis & Education Foundation NET Generation Community Tennis Provider


Rain Cancellation and Make-ups:

Rain cancellations will be made up by adding extra sessions.

Call 631-590-5019 for information regarding cancellations due to rain, or visit (click "ANNOUNCEMENTS" button).

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