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Challenge Series


Registration is processed thru UTR. Details and policies that are strictly adhered to are listed in UTR tournament details.
Please read before committing to tournament.

Please note::
Universal Tennis Rating was purchased by new partner groups in 2018.
As a result, a new platform has been designed and launched. Changes in membership for providers and players have been made.
To be able to continue providing this valuable experience in Suffolk County, SCJTL will run Challenge Series UTR Tournaments during the outdoor season between May and October.
Go to UTR to learn more.

UTR change plans on YouTube.

Challenge Series 2019 to be posted here.

Next tournament will be posted once location and date are determined.

Day: TBD
Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: TBD

Entry Fee:TBD

Level Description:

Blue Division: 13 yo to 18 yo, Jr. Varsity/Varsity/USTA Regional/Sectional tournament experience.
SCJTL Skill Level: 40+ SCJTL

White Division: 11 yo to 13 yo, JHS to Jr. Varsity.
SCJTL Skill Level: 30 to 39

About the SCJTL Challenge Series

SCJTL Tournament Series designed to provide local, affordable tournament experience for Suffolk County juniors ages 11 to 18.

2 Division Levels:
White Division:
11yo to 13 yo - Middle School.
SCJTL Skill Level: 30>39
Blue Division: 14 yo to 18 yo, Jr. Varsity/Varsity/USTA Regional/Sectional tournament experience..
SCJTL Skill Level: 40+

Combination of tournament formats to provide lots of play each event.
Round Robin - Gender Specific (GS) - Gender Neutral (GN)-
Round Robin with Single Elimination Play off.
Format determined by registration.

SCJTL Ranking System:
Each event generates points toward SCJTL published ranking system.
Ranking Categories: Boys - Girls - Overall

Click here for SCJTL Rankings

Universal Tennis Rating:
SCJTL Challenges Series are registered thru UTR providing UTR Rating and record for all players.
Learn more about and register for Universal Tennis Rating System

Past Challenge Series Tournaments:

Challenge Series - August:
Click here to go to

Challenge Series - July:

Day: Saturday
Date: July 14, 2018
Location: SCJTL Training Center Stony Brook

This section still under development.

SCJTL Ranking System
Point based ranking generated from participation by SCJTL program registered players and results from SCJTL Challenge Series Tournaments and Ranking Points events.
Click here for SCJTL Ranking Points Chart.

Visit the SCJTL Ranking site.: Under Development

USTA Rules and Regulations - The Code