Friday Night Junior Tennis Team League

Weekly junior tennis team competition league.

Registration open for approved players.



Update 7-6-22: This program has been cancelled due to lower than expected registration.

Contact SCJTL with interest in joining the League.
Call: 631-590-5019

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The SCJTTL Friday Night Lights (FNL) League is a weekly outdoor tennis team competition league experience.

The 2022 Friday Night Lights Season:
Update 7-6-22: This program has been cancelled due to lower than expected registration.

Friday Night Lights League Features


  • Teams are organized by even levels for competitive play.

  • Team play SCJTL Team Tennis Showdown timed short set singles and doubles match format.

  • SCJTL Flex-Reg: Player may register from minimum 4, up to 6 sessions.

  • Member players included in possible SCJTL Competition Squad Season 2 team competition. This is an additional feature currently under development.

  • Universal Tennis Ratings generated. Players must have a Universal Tennis profile.

  • SCJTTL program shirt included.

Please note: Minimum of 4 sessions to join the program. Players have to make or activate their UTR account and sign up on UTR to pay the 5$ each week attending.

Player Qualifications:

Players must qualify to register.

  • Experienced players:
    • Varsity - USTA / UTR Tournament competition
    • UTR 2 to 5.5
  • Boys and Girls - Ages 14 to 18
  • SCJTL Skill Level: 35+
  • Universal Tennis Rating: 3 to 5.
  • Contact SCJTL to see if qualified:

Program Fees:

  • Team Fee: $40
    • Seasonal One Time Only for New Members
      • Paid when registering for program.
  • Program:
    • $65 per session
      • SCJTL Multi program discount fee = $60
      • Minimum registration = 4 sessions
        • Select session when registering.
    • Universal Tennis fees:


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