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SCJTL Summer Tennis League Staff Team Site

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SCJTL Job Descriptions and Responsibilities
Required paperwork for employment with Arias Tennis Corp.

Site updated:      07/05/2016

Arias Tennis Corp. is required to follow with all New York State and Federal Employee guidelines and procedures. All staff employed by ATC will be asked to comply by following the necessary procedures and having the necessary documentation completed and ready for submission before starting their work with ATC.

Your cooperation is essential and appreciated as this is the law and we want to comply with the least amount of complication possible.

Arias Tennis payroll features:

1. Everyone gets paid every 2 weeks.
The pay period will start on Monday of the first day of the Summer League July 11th.
The following is the scheduled pay dates for each 2 week pay period there after:
Monday, July 24, 2017
Monday August 7, 2017
Monday, August 21, 2017 (Final pay date)

2. Direct Deposit: We will use ADP’s Direct Deposit feature for all ATC staff. Salaries will be sent to a savings or checking account you will register before you start work. This could also be the account of a parent or guardian.

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SCJTL Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

SCJTL Site Assistant              SCJTL Assistant Site Director

1. Please be sure to complete your shirt sizes. SCJTL staff members will be received new colored SCJTL Staff shirts this year which must be worn everyday you work.

2. All SCJTL Site Assistants and Assistant Site Directors now must complete the SCJTL Training Certification process.
This 7 hour process includes:

  • Attending the mandatory non paid Staff Initiation meeting on Thursday, July 6 , 2017 at the SCJTL Training Center, Commack.

  • Completing a paid 4 hour on court on the job training and evaluation period during the first week of the Summer League.

Your time and your earned income is of the highest importance to us. With your cooperation in supplying the necessary documentation and forms this will run as smoothly as possible.

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Required paperwork for employment with Arias Tennis Corp.:

Please have all forms completed and required copies ready to turn in at the mandatory non-paid Staff Initiation Meeting:
Day, Date: Thursday, July 6, 2017
Time:  Site Directors only start : 5:00 PM
Assistant Site Directors only start: 5:00 PM
Site Assistants: 6:30 PM

All meetings end at 8:30 PM
Location:  SCJTL Training Center, Commack

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Staff documentation downloads:

If you worked for Arias Tennis/SCJTL in 2014 and 2015 you would have had to have completed and submitted the following forms and documents. 

Everyone must submit a new for W4. You don't have to do this all over again for the rest of the documents. However, if any information has changed since then please resubmit a new form for our files.

Changes that are important:

Address and contact information including e-mail address.
Everyone must complete and submit an new W4 form.
Bank account information for Direct Deposit. If you are not sure if you information has changed since last year submit a new form.

Click the links to download:

To read these .PDF documents you will need a .PDF reader To get a free Adobe Acrobat .PDF reader at www.adobe.com .

  1. Information for ATC/SCJTL Employee processing

  2. ATC/SCJTL Summer League job application

  3. Form W4

  4. Form I9

  5. Employee Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Copies of:

  1. Birth Certificate

  2. Social Security card

  3. Driver’s License

  4. Working Papers if under 18:
    Click here the following link to visit the NY State Department of Labor Web Site

Click here for information about obtaining working papers.

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