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SCJTL Summer Tennis League Staff Team Site

Site updated: 5/2/18

Blue Division players can have an even greater tennis experience!
Join the SCJTL staff team!

SCJTL offers employment opportunities for registered Blue Division players.
SCJTL Site Assistant positions offer a fun experience as team coach to younger SCJTL players
and pays $13 per hour.

SCJTL Summer Tennis League
Job Opportunities.

The SCJTL Staff Team opportunity is an added benefit offered to registered Summer Tennis League Blue Division. Players ages 15 and older may apply for “Site Assistant” (SA) positions which may be available in the SCJTL Green and Red Division programs.

Position requirements:

  • HS students are required to register and attend the full 6 wk Summer Tennis League program.

  • Tennis experience on school tennis team JV or Varsity tennis teams, SCJTL: Performance|Competition Training, Junior Team Tennis Team, and Summer Tennis League program participation.

    To inquire:
    Register first for the full 6-week Summer Tennis League Blue Division program.
    Click here to register for the SCJTL Summer Tennis League Blue Division.

    Contact SCJTL ( email only.,.no texting) about your interest in joining the SCJTL Summer Tennis League staff Team: Email SCJTL.
    Please note: As this is an employment opportunity, and learning experience, applicants are expected to initiate contact and all communication regarding the job on their own.
    Parents can help but players interested in working should take the initiative of all inquiries and communication.

SCJTL Staff Training

SCJTL staff members are required to go through the
SCJTL 7 hour training program:

Part 1

SCJTL Summer League staff initiation meeting.

Day: Thursday
Date: July 5, 2018
Time: Please note meeting starts for your position.
5:00 PM: Site Directors/Full-time & Asst. Site Directors
6:30 PM: Site Assistants (arrive by 6:20 pm)
Meetings end by 8:30 PM

Place: SCJTL Training Center, Commack
See "WEEKDAY PARKING" instructions.

Part 2
On court paid training period during week 1 of the SCJTL Summer Tennis League.

Site Assitants work includes helping with basic instruction and running games for Green and Red Division group, Monday’s and Wednesday’s, during program hours.

SCJTL pays SA’s $13 per hr. Training and staff T-shirt provided. Positions may become available as the program continues.

Prospective SA’s will be placed in waiting list.

To apply include a note with Summer League registration of interested in becoming a Site Assistant.

All inquiries will be contacted upon receipt of enrollment.